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Hi Everyone

Thanks for following this over from the previous site, hopefully this site will become more popular over here.

It saddens me to open up with such a sad post.


Yesterday morning at 03:15am in Washington DC, US and Sochaux striker Charlie Davies was involved in a serious car accident, one woman died, it is not known if Charlie was the passenger or driving the SUV involved.

There was no other vehicle involved, the car Charlie was in hit a barrier, and the damage to the car was catastrophic.
Once at a hospital, Charlie needed non-life threatening surgery, however at this time it is not known if Charlie will ever be able to play again.

Anyone who had read my previous blogs knows I have been following Charlies progress, and had recently made himself a starter for Sochaux and was impressing for his national team.
My thoughts are with Charlie and all the families involved, and I hope no other tradegies come from this accident.

Any more news I hear on this one, I will post in here.


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