I could be in the minority with this post but it was really annoyed me hearing about it last night and again this morning.

Last night Wolves travelled to Old Trafford to face Manchester United in the Premier League, after a hard fought 1-0 against Spurs and a crucial match this weekend against Burnley to come, I think McCarthy has every right to pick any 11 players he wants for the match.

Fans have complained that they each paid £42 to watch their team and felt hard done by. My question is, why has noone questioned why it costs £42 to get in, this seems a huge price for not an important game, also do Wolves fans only support the 11 best players, they should be backing the players that were picked, and at the end of the day didn’t do too bad a job.

The way I look at things, teams build a squad of players be it 25/30 men strong, surely it’s in a managers perogative to picked the 11 players he deems best for the job, who decides who your strongest team is.

The Premier League rulebook states:

Premier League rule 20, section E, says teams must field a full-strength side in all top-flight matches.

So is there a committee that picks every teams top 11 players, does that mean if fit, Torres and Rooney must play every game,  surely Rafa Benitez and Arsene Wenger have been violating this rule for years.

On Sunday Liverpool and Arsenal met in the league, on Liverpool’s bench was Emiliano Insua, Martin Skrtel and Alberto Aquilani on Arsenals: Aaron Ramsey, Abou Diaby and Eduardo, all of these players have started and could claim a starting place in their respective teams lineups, so if they guys don’t play, are these teams breaking the rules…..it’s absurd.

Managers can pick who ever they want, if Wolves beat Burnley this weekend McCarthy will look like a genius, if they stay up then he will be seen to have done the right thing, and I would hope all the people who have questioned him will stand up and admit they were wrong, and if they lose, it won’t be because they were tired.

Let managers do their jobs, it’s hard enough already!