Twelve SPL clubs will meet on the 20th of December to decide the future of Scottish football. The plans are to create a two-tier SPL of 10 teams each. Included in the reconstruction are the return of play-offs, an earlier start to the season and a winter break.

Out with the two leagues of ten the other teams in the country would be regionalised, which is probably the best thing being proposed in the current plans.

Talks of change have been ongoing for years now and people always find it hard to agree on what is best for Scottish football to move forward. Things need to change if the league is to move forward, moving from 10 teams from 12 is surely a step backward, the league has tried 10 teams before and the quality was pretty much the same as it is now. What’s changed really?

It would make more sense to increase the size of the top division and come inline with other divisions around Europe. Moving to 16 or 18 teams would mean less games, the winter break would be easier to incorporate and it would surely freshen up the league in a few different ways.


Moving away from a schedule where you play each team three or four times would totally change the landscape of the league, teams that finish around the bottom half of the table would no longer face the fight for survival, they could then try and play a more expansive style of football, like the exciting football played by Inverness Caley Thistle this season.

There must come a time after 5/6 years going to play the same team for the fourth time that season that a sense of monotony creeps in, increasing the number of teams you have to face changes the yearly routine and to only play a team once at home and once away could give the fixture more edge and give them more purpose.

So many teams would be against this due to the amount of money brought in by playing four home games against the Old Firm, this view is very short sighted, the ultimate plan is to increase the quality of the league, spreading the money and opportunity to play the top teams can only increase the quality of the smaller teams and hopefully those mid-level teams can also improve.

From a TV point of view, there is an argument that companies would be against losing two Old Firms games, however with only two of these games on the fixture list there is a chance to whip up the excited for these games. Similar to the way that Sky Sports do for current Premier League games.

As the league tables stand now a 16 team system would include Dunfermline, Raith Rovers, Dundee and Falkirk would this really be a disaster for Scottish football? Bringing these level of teams into the top division could surely only becomes a positive step, Ross County proved last year they could hold their own against the top teams.

In every league once in a while there are huge margins of victory, no one questioned the quality of the Premier League when Manchester United beat Blackburn 7-1 and a 12 team set-up didn’t stop Aberdeen from being on the receiving end of a 9-0 thumping.

Let’s go to the voters

11 out of the 12 teams would need to vote these new changes in. There is an obvious stumbling block there; two of the teams are then voting themselves out of the top division, what Chairman is willing to take that chance. If you propose an increase to 16 or 18 teams, you’re voting to move your team nearer mid-table. Looks a much tastier prospect.

This argument will run and run, 10 or 12 teams hasn’t worked for as long as I can remember, why not try something new, who knows, it might even work.



December 13th, 2010

The problem is the we have so many governing bodies! They don’t trust each other & I don’t trust any of them.

A broadcaster would surely have a say as well & would want as many Old Firm games as possible.

The 11 to 1 vote is a nightmare system, but they will never vote to change it!

December 13th, 2010

How about a 16 team league, but rather than play 30 games, play 32 instead…

Rangers play Celtic an extra two games, as do Hearts & Hibs, Dundee & Dundee Utd (if in the same division etc.)

It means Celtic & Rangers would have a harder set of fixtures than all of the other clubs due to these two games, but I don’t think it’d matter too much – surely if there that worried about the money aspect of it they won’t mind?


December 13th, 2010

Not sure that one would ever fly mate, maybe a similar system to the Dutch, top 2 have a playoff for who get’s CL place. 3rd to 6th play-offs for the Europa places, that would add the extra games.


December 14th, 2010

Spot on. 10 team is a step backwards. The obvious solution is at least a 16 team league with a winter break. I think it does all come down to the loss of Old Firm games. I can’t see how a 10 team league provides for the future of Scottish football.

December 15th, 2010

I used to think my stupid schemes would never work as well, then FIFA awarded the World Cup to Qatar!


December 15th, 2010

Yip 10 games is going backwards, 16 is a forward step and if it doesn’t work we’ve not exactly gone backwards


December 15th, 2010

hahaha I for one am looking forward to the Qatar World Cup, looking forward to it being amazing and everyone being stunned, who knows could be amazing.

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