The quality of the SPL gets questions time and time again. And of course it’s not La Liga or the EPL but it has it’s moments.

It doesn’t help when big mouth idiots like Robbie Savage come out with derogatory statements. Saying that Joe Ledley is too good for the SPL is just a ridiculous statement. A player that has played average at best, and has not set the country alight is in no way “too good” for the league.

No one is saying the SPL is the greatest league in the world, but it is nowhere near the worst, luckily every so often you get a moment of brilliance that makes you smile and happy that you watch the SPL.

Thank You Jonny Hayes!




December 12th, 2010

Totally agree. You could maybe understand the criticism from a player who’s done the business at the highest level, but it’s hard to take from a guy who is best known for his ability to cause trouble wherever he goes.

As for Ledley, I expected a lot more. Yet to see him take control of a game and surely there’s more to come from him. A seat on the bench might not be a bad idea, especially when Lennon has plenty of midfield options.

December 13th, 2010

Terry Butcher’s reaction is great.

The SPL gets a lot of criticism from south of the border where they have a league that’s one of the top 3 or 4 in Europe.

They find it hard to distinguish between other countries that are anything from 10th down to 52nd in Europe.

Take this table that I created as an example of over-performing international sides against their league’s ranking:

The SPL comes out pretty well.


December 13th, 2010

Great piece Steve, I looked at this myself was going to write something about the SPL not actually being that bad when you look at how the national team.

Our league fights well above it’s weight compared to the size and population of the country compared to other countries similar, I think the inferiority complex comes from the remarks made by people that don’t watch it and try and compare it to the Premier League.

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