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So when I flew off to Jamaica on the 6th of March I made a decision that the podcast would not go on holiday with me. I left my wonderful team in charge and for three weeks they did a superb job and I wanted to highlight the work they put in while I was away.

Days before I flew I knew I would be hard pushed to publish a podcast on the Thursday and get ready for Sunday so the wonderful Charlie Anderson stepped in, picked up the reigns and guided the podcast through it’s first week without me.

EPISODE 28: Mark Clattenburg Celebrity Referee

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Charlie was joined by Brent Atema and Ethan Dean-Richards as the discussed the FA Cup clash between Chelsea and Manchester United, the merits of the cup itself are discussed. The distribution of the World Cup places is the next topic. Does Africa deserve five or should CONCACAF have another.

A great podcast. I had the pleasure of listening while on the plane…sounded excellent at 37,000 feet.

Once in Jamaica it was up to Brent Atema to take over the wheel and guide the podcast into greatness. I knew I could trust Brent as it was the man himself that got me into the podcast business. And for both weeks he was superb.

EPISODE 29: I wouldn’t wish any Scottish player on the MLS

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Brent was joined by Scott Johnston and Charlie Anderson as they discussed the upcoming MLS season, what teams and players to watch out for. Brent also managed to grab a few words with Ashley from Soccer.Tel - a huge Vancouver Whitecaps fan. They discussed the upcoming inuagral season for the Whitecaps and players to watch.

Another great show, which of course sounded better poolside with some rum in my glass.

Brent again took charge on March the 17th, the day after I was married this time with some excellent guests on what was to be a superb podcast.

Episode 30: “I Don’t Like Francesco Totti!” “Woo Hoo!”

Episode 30 – “I Don’t Like Francesco Totti.” “Woohoo!” by gibfootballshow

Joining Brent were pod regulars Scott Johnston and Charlie Anderson as they dicussed the Champions League games with special guest and first ever girl on the gibfootballshow and deputy editor of Football ItalianoMina Rzouki. Mina also stayed on to dicuss the goings on in Serie A. Brent then had a one on one interview with Neil Sherwin from Back Page Football - going over the A-League Grand Final and all the news from down under. A jam packed show that was superb to listen to.


So now it is time to make my return. On Thursday night the two men who hosted the pod in my absence Charlie and Brent will join me to dicuss all the International football played this week and I will also be talking to Garreth Cummins from The Football Supporters Federation as we dicuss the safe-standing petition they recently launched.

So stayed tune for some more top football chat.


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