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There is no doubt he is the real deal. Tonight Lille beat Sochaux 1-0 at the Stade Lille Metropole putting a couple of fingers on the Ligue 1 title. Only one point from two games is required for the team from the north to lift Le Championnat for the first time since 1954.

Questions remain about Hazard’s future at the club. He has a contract until 2015 but these days contracts are pretty much useless, the fact he signed two extensions in one year might give it a little more credibility.

Everyday on twitter gibfootballshow is asked about Hazard’s future and it would be great to know the answer however only one person has the possibility to know the answer and that’s Eden himself and that’s only if he’s decided.

In our opinion it will take an offer around €25-30m to get Chairman Michel Seydoux interested. You wouldn’t blame the club for accepting that sort of offer. Next is what clubs he would play for.

Liverpool - Rumoured to be making an offer. My question is – Why drop down from the Champions League to non-European football regardless of how much money he’s be getting paid.

Tottenham – See above. Yes Harry Redknapp was at the Coupe de France final but in no quotes did he actually mention Hazard, Harry knows his chances are very slim.

Chelsea – In Ancelotti’s reshuffle this could be an exciting and excellent move for both club and player. They are also only one of a few clubs that could afford him. Hazard did say he wanted to go to a club with French speaking players though.

Arsenal – They have the set-up, the manager and the team. There are quite a lot of doubts over whether they have the funds – it would see the fee wanted for Hazard would be all of Wenger’s funds gone. I doubt Arsene would do that, is the missing piece really a 20-year old forward.

Inter – There is a massive chance he could go to Italy. Moratti’s son has sounded the Belgian out as a great buy. Inter need to make some changes, Hazard would give them an instant boost. Hazard himself also fanices playing in Serie A.

Lille – Could it be that he plays another season in France. His family are there, his brother Thorgan is 40 miles away in Lens. Lille will play in the Champions League group stage next season, something this is very important to his development.

Being a Lille fan, of course am I biased towards what I would like for his future. I also think it would be much better for the player to stay for 12 more months and then leave to a big European club.

Up until September 1st there will be stories nearly everyday. Some will have sources, most will not.

If one of the above clubs offers Lille a substantial amount of money for the right to talk to Hazard then Lille should accept, it will then come down to what Eden thinks is best for his career right now. He is a smart boy he knows he doesn’t need to leave.

Will he or will he not…that is the question!


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May 19th, 2011

I m a Arsenal fan but i think he ll move to Liverpool. Great History, Great Player, let young players play and Great Future. Arsene will only buy defenders, we r good in the offence

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