This time last year my site didn’t really exist apart from between my friends and I. 12 months on I would say it’s a little more successful. The podcast is going well and myself and the team have some big plans for next season and I hope that it can grow and grow.

You may have noticed that most of my time now is spent watching Ligue 1. I try to watch four games each weekend so that’s me having a look at nearly half the league every week. To me that is enough to have a good idea what I’m talking about – this leads onto podcast #2 French Football Weekly. Really enjoy doing that it’s my chance to do the talking and airing my opinions as sometimes on GFS I don’t get the chance.

Now I’ve got some big decisions to make over the summer. The television deal in France next year means there is the opportunity to watch 7…yes 7 Ligue 1 games every weekend. Not sure I could manage all seven every week but it will mean the chances I have to watch the other leagues around the world live will be severely cut down. When you add in the Champions League and Europa League it means next season will be spent mostly watching French teams.

With the creation of the French Football Weekly site I have the perfect platform to write and discuss all the goings on in France and really try to build it up. It then leads to the question. What do I put on GFS?

The podcast will continue as is, and hopefully get better and better so the site will be needed to be a vehicle to host and promote the shows. It will also be used for the prediction game again next year and the profiles of the team, but does there need to be actual content on there.

Then there is the subject of the Yorkshire Football Weekends. I will be continuing to go on these trips to the Yorkshire clubs I have yet to visit and writing about them so I’d need somewhere to post them, does that maybe give enough content to justify the site and of course anyway who wants to write for the site like Steve, Charlie, David who have done already.

Then the other question I have been asking myself…do I change my twitter name @AndrewGFS or something like that as my writing work will mostly be on FFW and not GFS. Quite confused and not sure on the best way to go.

Looking for some thoughts/concerns…anything at all really.





May 22nd, 2011

I think you should focus on French Football Weekly as much as you can mate, since you have a good thing going there and it’s obvious that is what you enjoy doing most.

Maybe GibFootballShow could focus on other leagues across the globe and could feature other writers more prominently? That would leave you free to focus on FFW.

Obviously what you want to write about is up to you and you could still post about things other than Ligue 1 on GFS whenever you please. You could also use GFS to link to all your work on FFW.


May 22nd, 2011

I would stick to the FFW stuff if that’s what you enjoy mate. You certainly have a passion for that and you could work a good pod (which you already do) and a good website around that.

As said above, maybe open GFS website to contributions from guests or any interested writers?

I still think you should keep the pod going. When you focus in on one particular region and get the guests on who know about it, there arguably isn’t a better podcast for it.

Good luck with it any way.


May 22nd, 2011

@Matt Yeah the french stuff is going to take the majority of my efforts as it’s what I know and love and something I hope I can do well.
Getting writers in is a good idea, would give people who don’t have a site a place to write for.

@Ross GFS podcast will continue there was never any chance in stopping that, enjoy it too much. But I think trying to have the site become a written version of the pod is the way to go.

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