Apologies for the tardy post a mixture of personal life and the amount of football going on has slowed down my ability to sit down and document a fabulous couple of days I spent at the end of April.

There was some kind of knees up in London a couple of TV cameras were there and a few newspapers wrote about it. Anyone who is anyone was not taking their place at Westminster Abbey, no they were meeting at Henry Boons in Wakefield, the occasion: Wakefield FC’s last game at their College Grove stadium against Curzon Ashton.

It was also a day when I got to meet another member of my podcast team. Chris Mayer decided to join me in Leeds we then headed on the train to Wakefield. Just around the corner from Wakefield Westgate station was the lovely drinking establishment Henry Boons.

Not only was the barmaid serving tall pints of ice cold Peroni but sitting at the back of the pub was the real royalty of the day. Creator and Editor of the wonderful European Football Weekends – Danny Last. The mastermind behind “The Ball is Round” and author of some great European football books – Stuart Fuller. Joining the famous duo was Big Deaks and the wonderfully named Cynical Dave. Dave was my kind of guy. Scottish and said c**t a lot.

After a few beers and ales we were off to Wakefield FC’s ground College Grove. Chris and I took a detour to visit a cash machine and then took a nice tour of the Wakefield bus station and the shops…basically we got a little lost and walked past the stadium before stumbling across it.

It’s hard to be impressed with the ground. It’s very insular, surrounded by houses and an AstroTurf hockey pitch it is definitely not a ground to remember. On the way inside we saw David Hartrick from the world conquering In Bed With Maradona struggling to park his car. He would join the merry band of bloggers and writers at the game.

Of course it would be great to tell you that the home side played majestically and ran out comfortable winners; alas it was not to be. The game was a drab affair; Curzon Ashton won the game by a solo first half strike by the number 10 whose name escapes me.

The referee had a bit of a nightmare and the sandstorm of the College Grove pitch. At one point there should have been a penalty for Curzon and a red card for the defender but he missed it as did his linesman. Wakefield then broke up field and should have scored only for the other linesman to flag for offside just to help the referee catch up.

For the lack of action on the pitch there was plenty of action off it. The bringing together of football bloggers and terracing is a wonderful, the jokes were following – punch line after punch line there were time you forget there was a match on. The only thing that could have completed the day would have been a dog to run on the pitch with a chain of sausages…that one will have to wait.

In the second half we moved round behind the goal Wakefield were attacking. To call it a stand would be very generous; to call it a greenhouse would probably be closer to the mark. It’s possible that the second half was possibly worse than the first but after eyeing up the two female physios’ at half time some of the details were a bit foggy.

With only minutes to go the game finished in a bit of a flurry, the dust was flying the Wakefield goalkeeper was up for the corners but nothing came of it and Wakefield’s last Evo-Stik home game ended in defeat. It seems they had some friendlies lined up before moving stadiums. No details yet as to where they will be playing but I hope it is a positive move for the club.

The game ended, Danny & Stuart had already left to go egg chasing. Chris & I wandered back to the station and after a little tour of the lovely stations of Wakefield we were on our way home. Parting ways at Huddersfield station another Yorkshire Football Weekend was over…well almost.

PRICE: 6.5/10 – £7.50 for Evo-Stik First Division North..hmm
FACILITIES: 7/10 – Bar/Club Shop nice, toilets were accessible, lovely “stand” behind the goal
ATMOSPHERE: 3.5/10 – apart from the bloggers there wasn’t one.
FOOD: 5/10 – Didn’t have any, Chris seemed to enjoy his Bacon Sarnie, although the bacon looked raw.
OVERALL: 6/10 – Great day of meeting people, awful awful game.




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Mark Critchley

May 17th, 2011

Wakefield’s keeper is a box of frogs. Definitively bonkers. Lost his rag completely when we had him down at Chorley.

Really can’t handle it when you point out he’s the spit of Owen Armstrong off Corrie.

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