I think in my mind the decision was made quite a while ago, however it’s one thing to think about something and another thing to actually take action. Ah ok, I suppose I better let you know what I’m talking about.

The  GFS podcast is no more!!

*deep breathe*

It’s been a long time coming unfortunately but I think it is for the best. I was just talking to my mum on the phone and it actually hit home how much has happened in the last 12 months. Only 54 weeks ago the World Cup had ended and I had started to build up a little following on my blog, think I broke 100 followers as the tournament started. July of 2010 saw over 3,000 views on the site.

Since that day so much has happened, for some reason more and more people follow the twitter feed, page views has gone past 150,000 I’ve had work featured on some excellent blogs and websites. Partied with bloggers at awards ceremonies and various meetings and I can’t say that anything negative has happened….yet.

When the podcast started it was more of an experiment. How easy was it to put out some content like the Guardian or The Times, and would anyone listen. It turns out when you’re the only person on the show, the answer is that it’s easy but no one will listen. When you team up with some excellent writers and opinionista then actually it is a lot of fun.

In September Episode 7 of the podcast featured Chris Mayer, Charlie Anderson, Ethan-Dean Richards and myself and we got about 500 downloads, I was estatic. 500 people listening to our thoughts on football.

Those numbers tripled before we were nominated for a NOPA award. And then when we all got together to record the Team of the Year pod, who would have thought over 3000 people would have downloaded it. Certainly not me.

“Why stop the show?” I know it is a question I will get asked and there are quite a few reasons why. It seems sometimes you become a victim of your own success. Not in a big headed way. I’ve always tried to do too much and eventually it catches up. Some of you may have noticed my slight leaning towards all things French football, it is what I love doing. French Football Weekly has somewhat taken off a little and it is a project I really want to push in the next 12 months. The FFW podcast is a big part of that. Other commitments like my role at WhoScored.com and the weekly blog on MirrorFootball will take up a lot of my time. And of course writing and working on the gibfootballshow site as well.

Something had to give, the GFS pod took a lot of my time, getting everyone together, planning features etc. The recording bit was easy as it was just having a chat. And the editing took some time. Time that I think I will need to keep to all my commitments and also make sure I don’t upset the wife too much.

Who knows what the future holds, GFS may return. It may not. Before I give you the good news I have to thank some people. Brent, Chris, Charlie, Ethan, Scott, and Dave, thank you for being regulars on the show, really enjoyed talking to all of you and we had some great laughs…Tracey Neville.

Thank you to everyone for appearing on the show, I loved hearing about all the regions and countries you all covered and it was a pleasure to talk to you.

As the old saying goes…When one door closes another door opens.

Ladies and Gentleman all is not lost. May I present to you


Rising out of the gibfootballshow ashes is a brand new pod hoping to take over from where GFS left off and achieve even greater things. Scott Johnston the brains behind the excellent FootyBlog.net is picking up the microphone and starting his own podcast. He will be joined every week by the superb Brent Atema from Global Football Today and each week they will discuss all the news and views of the week with two top-notch guests.

I don’t want to ruin the rest of their plans but I hope that everyone that has listened to GFS will give them a warm welcome and I’m sure you will enjoy their show. To make things easier they have convinced me to appear on show #1 and hopefully give the show a great start.

The first show will be recorded this week so please follow @thefootyblognet for more information coming this week.

Thanks again to everyone who has been part of the show. Make sure to keep checking out the website and the French stuff @frenchftweekly.

Thanks :,-)




July 25th, 2011

A little sad to hear but for all the right reasons. The two main things I was worried about when I saw the tweet, were the thought of you giving up on the football writing, or the podcast dying completely.

You’re a fantastic writer Andy and your spot at the Mirror and Who Scored are a testament to that. I wish you all the best with it.

It’s also really good news to here Scott is taking over the pod. Knowing you both as well as two strangers can over twitter, I can happily say that Scott is the perfect man to keep things on the straight and narrow.

It’s a fantastic pod that really does harness everything that’s great about this boom in football blogging that we’re currently seeing. You’re guests are as good as any in the Guardian or Times offices and it would have been a real shame to see that end.

July 25th, 2011

It’s a shame, but I have wondered how you manage to fit everything in!

Best wishes with all the other projects, and hopefully the new pod will pick up the slack.

July 25th, 2011

Nice one Andy, a pity to hear the podcast is ending, I always enjoyed the down-to-earth & relaxed yet professional nature of the discussions.

Also, you were the one who answered my calls for some coverage for ADO Den Haag, and here we are with them pushing on in this season’s Europa League. Let’s hope that continues, and I wish you good luck with your future endeavours!


July 26th, 2011

Thanks Stefan, very very kind. There was never any thought of stopping what I do just wanted to find more time to do what I do now. With the WhoScored and Mirror stuff I needed to decide where the priorities where. You know how much I love the French stuff so it seemed right to go down that direction.

I think Scott will be amazing on his new show. I can see it being down in the same manor of GFS as we have the same sense of humour, always loved having him on my show. Hope he gets you on too :)


July 26th, 2011

haha I asked myself the same question Mark. Mrs GFS will say I’ve been ignoring her:)


July 26th, 2011

Was a pleasure to answer the call mate, very glad I did. I’ll make sure Scott get’s you on with his new show when the Europa stuff gets underway :)

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