After a summer of discontent it seems the Arsenal rumourmill has gone into overdrive. And once again the rumour wheel of fortune has landed on the name of Eden Hazard. As soon as Samir Nasri’s deal to Manchester City was done and dusted the “Hazard to Arsenal” rumours quickly snowballed to somewhat of a frenzy, even the BBC got in on the act.

Arsene Wenger and the club have been very quiet. Wenger dismissed reports of a £6m bid for Bolton’s Gary Cahill and nothing else was reported. On Thursday night French website Mercato 365 released a “story” that Hazard had agreed terms with Arsenal and a deal would be done for around €35m. Now let’s get a few things straight, Mercato365 is not a respected media outlet, to be honest it’s actually worse than talkSPORT.

Arsenal fans unaware of this went crazy and the rumours wet round twitter with less class than a girl from Geordie Shore. After the Champions League draw in Monaco, Lille president Michel Seydoux rubbish any rumours that his young Belgian star would be going:

“No one will leave,” Seydoux told French radio station RMC yesterday. “Eden is worth much more than [Nasri]- at least twice as much. Our team is built around him, so we are not about to sell him now.”

Seydoux added that there had been no contact from Arsenal about his player.

General manager Frederic Paquet did his best too, stating that:

“Our players are not on the market for Arsenal or any other club,” he confirmed.

“I have also spoken with the players and they are willing to stay here. They are very excited to play in the Champions League.”

Then on Friday reports in France suggested that Monaco forward Park Chu-Young would be having a medical in Lille and would possible sign for Les Dogues this weekend. The deal would be worth around €3m and €2m more if the Korean doesn’t have to partake in military service.

Arsenal fans jumped on this story: “Replacement for Hazard?” In a word…NO. Park is more of a central striker and has been a Lille target all summer. He is in no way a replacement for the 19-year old winger.

Every ten to fifteen minutes another Arsenal fan suggests Hazard is on his way to London. If you believe twitter it’s a done deal merly escalating from a rumour posted by a rubbish French website.

Now to Saturday morning, amidst the rumours of Hazard arriving in London for a medical or contract talks his current team-mate Aurelian Chedjou pretty much destroyed these rumours with the use of a simple picture.

From his twitter account the Cameroonian defender posted this:

“Avec mon gars sur en direct du vestiaire après la séance de ce matin”

Which roughly translated means “Live from the locker room with my guys after the morning session.”

Doesn’t quite look like St Pancras station does it. Hoepfully this will calm some of the rumours down, but that doesn’t look likely. It is fantastic though that in this social media age that transfer rumours can get completely shot down just by a simple picture.

Eden Hazard…..One more year!





August 27th, 2011

park chu young is undergoing his medical at arsenal now. Lille coach comfirmed it.


August 27th, 2011

Yeah I think the story about Park came out about 20 minutes after I wrote this. Such a weird turn of events

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