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Here at gibfootballshow  you may have noticed I enjoy a trip to one of Yorkshire’s lesser known teams. You will find reports from lesser known teams Osset Albion to the big guns at Sheffield Wednesday, who were once part of the Yorkshire League. But how much do you really know about the Yorkshire Football league? Below is a quiz which will test your football knowledge.

So if there is a game on, why not invite a bunch of friends over, whether they are your Party Poker pals, your mates from the gym or your football friends, to play fantasy football, have a catch up and test your knowledge with the quiz below.

How long did the Yorkshire League exist and which teams made up the original League? 

It was a very short league, lasting just two years. It contained ten teams, with The Sheffield United reserves and Wombwell winning the league. The original ten teams were Barnsley, Bradford, Doncaster Rovers, Huddersfield, Hunsley, Leeds, Mexborough, Sheffield United reserves, Sheffield Wednesday reserves and Wombwell.

Where did the team name Sheffield Wednesday come from? 

Sheffield Wednesday are based in the South Yorkshire city of Sheffield. They are one of the oldest professional clubs in the world, ranking the fourth oldest in the English League. However, it was in 1929 when they altered their name and added in ‘Sheffield’.The team name is an unusual one because they are the only English team with a day of the week in their name. They used to play on Wednesdays due to the butchers who formed most of the team, having a half day on Wednesdays.


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February 5th, 2012

I love this sort of stuff! Keep it coming.


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