Ally McCoist’s untidy exit from Rangers, when it is finally realised, will bring a disappointing end to the former striker’s time in charge of the Glasgow giants.

McCoist has handled the difficult position with all the grace, dignity and winning mentality you would expect from a club legend. He has been far more than the ‘safe pair of hands’ some thought he would only turn out to be when he stepped in to the breach back in 2011, charged with helping Rangers get back on their feet following the financial meltdown.

McCoist has generally been able to justify the Scottish football betting odds, as he’s managed to successfully guide Rangers from the bottom up to the second tier in the last three years. He’s done it without too much moaning and groaning despite having his hands tied in the transfer market. He’s also usually had to work with ongoing internal disputes, power struggles, yet more allegations of financial mismanagement and then, belatedly, poorer-than-expected results on the pitch, such as losing to Queen of the South.

But the way he is now making what could be a drawn-out exit from Ibrox leaves a bad taste. Some are even calling it an undignified departure for a man who should be held up as a beacon of hope and a stellar club legend who has given his all, both professionally and personally, to try and help get Rangers back to where they belong.

The fact that some Rangers fans have voiced their opposition to McCoist’s team selection and some of the tactics he has adopted in recent weeks is disappointing, as he continues to try his best in what is clearly a difficult environment for the manager to be working on a daily basis.

Rangers have relied on the 52-year-old in their time in need and it will rank as a shame when he does eventually depart, whether that is at the end of the season or at some point over the next weeks and months after it emerged he had tendered his resignation. 

Just why exactly the man who scored more than 250 league goals for Rangers is now on the verge of leaving Ibrox remains somewhat of a mystery, although it is no surprise that a club that has had such a complicated recent past off the pitch should see their manager depart in less than straightforward circumstances.

McCoist has reportedly lost the support of the Rangers board due to this season’s less-than-impressive form. But they have also admitted they do not have the funds to pay the manager off in full so he is more than likely set to stay on for the rest of the season. Although, the way things have developed at Ibrox over the year it wouldn’t be a major shock if there are more twists to come and McCoist does go earlier.

The problem Rangers have – if they needed any more – is that it is unlikely anyone new coming in would do a better job than McCoist and, while up-and-coming coaches may fancy a spell in the spotlight in trying to prove themselves, experienced managers are not expected to be banging down the Ibrox door in the search of taking over.

McCoist’s exit is on the cards, even if it could be prolonged. But it will be a sad day when he does depart.



Martin ramsay

December 19th, 2014

Ally has been a nightmare at rangers old pals act and greed ally ally GTF


December 19th, 2014

Utter nonsense. To portray successive promotions from Scotland’s lower leagues as an achievement is laughable. With the second largest playing budget in the country it would have been difficult not to ‘achieve’ promotion. And all done on a measly salary of £800,000. Ally will always have the love and respect of the Rangers support for his goal scoring exploits and his one man stance defending the club against attacks from all and sundry. But it’s ludicrous to regard his management as anything other than inept and short sighted.

Denis Grant

December 19th, 2014

Kenny alought it pains me to say your are correct about his ability as a manager. Let’s be honest the football has been shocking, for the players we have who are also on a handsome salary. 3 of the worst results in living memory, and if he plays basically the same team has has played. They better pull of an outstanding performance if not we are being cheated and taken for mugs by these impostors last chance saloon for me. Because I will no longer be able to give money or loyalty to these con men.

Denis Grant

December 19th, 2014

All I want is the team and the manager show a bit of passion over 90 min give us what we have longed for play football ffs

James Goldie

December 20th, 2014

I’m so annoyed this man is still in charge, as previously written we are the 2nd best paid team in Scotland and not in the SPL.As a person great as a manager lost, no ideas tactically jobs for the pals.Its been stated Billy Davies might have a problem with Boyd, Miller etc, to true they are not on holiday, get him installed ASAP and give us a chance of going up.

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