Premier League Clubs Gearing Up for the January Transfer Window

It’s coming to that time of the year again when punters are getting their bets ready to predict which players will be coming and going during the January transfer window. If you are one of those punters; before having a look at the Premier league 2017 betting odds for each fixture or trying to think of a particular player or manager’s next destination, it’s always wise to have a look at some of the transfer news that might help you make the correct betting decisions. It would also be wise to have a look at the below information to get an idea of what clubs will be busy during the window.

WhichClubs Are Going to Be Busy During the January Transfer Window?

The January Transfer Window is nowhere near as popular as the summer transfer window, but it has been known to popup with the odd surprise over the last decade. Not many clubs do business during January because it’s a lot more expensive and sometimes it can have an adverse effect on the club’s season. Generally, clubs in the lower half of the table that are getting sucked into a relegation battle will often panic buy and get a couple of players in to try and help change the season around, but other than that, not a lot else usually goes on other than plenty of free transfers and loan deals.

We might see teams like Hull make one or two signings during January, and even Leicester might try and spend some of last season’s title winnings to try and replace Kante who they lost to Chelsea in the last summer transfer window. Whatever happens, we are sure to see one or two surprises in January, and there’s nothing to say teams like Arsenal won’t dip into the market to try and get their title bid back on track either.

WhichTeams Are Likely to Save Their Pennies for the Summer Transfer Window Instead?

As stated above, Arsenal could surprise us and look to the transfer market to sort out their recent problems, but that would be unlikely because they don’t even like spending money in the summer let alone the winter. Teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and even Manchester United look like they have squads already capable of winning the league, so spending big in January wouldn’t seem like a viable option.

Of course, Chelsea are currently in a strong position and it’s looking unlikely other teams will be able to knock them off the perch, but with all of the money those clubs spent in the summer –it would make spending again in January unlikely. It looks like there could be a few outgoings this winter though, with players like Bastian Schweinsteiger not getting a see in at Manchester United, and younger Manchester United players like James Wilson could potentially go out on loan too.

Will Clubs Look to Loan Players Instead?

You will often find a lot of clubs loan out players during the January transfer window because clubs know certain players aren’t going to be of any use to them for the rest of the season, so they would rather get another club to pay their wages and it also gives them more playing time. This is usually done with the youth players to try and give them more experience, but one of the best tactics clubs use is to try and loan players to clubs that will be playing the clubs rivals in the near future, hoping it will take points off them.

It’s very hard to predict results from fixtures being played in a couple of months time, but with some transfer window research you will be able to get a better idea of which clubs will be stronger during the next few months.

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