On the podcast this week I am joined by Charlie Anderson, Chris Mayer and Ethan Dean-Richards. We give our take on how far Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur can go next year. Who will be pushing forward who will stagnate backwards. What do Liverpool do with Steven Gerrard?

Charlie then talks us through the Danish Superliga with four games to go. What has made Champions Copenhagen so good. Who are the players linked with moving away in the summer. The race for the Europa League and 2nd Champions League spot. Also the relegation battle that everyone from 5th place down can still get relegated.

To finish off the show we look back at our favourite moments in the FACup in homage to this weekend’s final between Man City and Stoke.

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The second Yorkshire Football Weekend did not start well. Once arriving in South Emsall with around an hour to go before kick-off we discovered the local pub at the station “The Plough” was temporarily closed. Gasping for a pint we decided to head towards the ground.

After a delightful ten minute stroll in the sun Norman and I arrived at the Tech 5 stadium, home of Frickley Athletic. Establish back in 1910 as part of the Frickley Colliery, the mines may be gone but there was still a very nice quaint feel about the club as we entered the ground.

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