Before the big night game between Lille OSC and Olym pique Lyon we travelled to the Stade Lille Metropole – Terrain II to watch the CFA game between Lille II and Villemomble Sports. A chance to have a look at some of the young Lille players trying to break through, who knows the next “Eden Hazard” could have been on the pitch….he wasn’t. Twelve Lille players were on show and there was a mixture of possibilities and disappointments. The game finished 0-0.

Alexandre Oukidja

French: Goalkeeper – 22 years-old

Did not impress at all, he was called on a few times and he seemed to make a meal of everything he had to do. Flapped a few times at crosses, didn’t look comfortable with his feet and was slow to react to a few through balls. Worrying with Landreau’s age that there is a lack of quality replacements.

Mathieu Sauvage

French: Centre Back – 23 years-old

An uncompromising uncomplicated centre back, with the very little threat that Villemomble posed Mathieu dealt with their attacks very well. Good in the air and never tried to attempt anything too complicated. With Adil Rami leaving in the summer and a lack of quality on the bench it would be interesting to see Sauvage win a few minutes with the first time.

Adama Soumaoro

French: Centre Back – 18 years-old

To anyone that has watched Celtic over the years this will make a lot of sense. Soumaoro to me looks like a combination of Bobo Balde and Gary Caldwell. A scary prospect in more ways than one. Physically intimidating, powerful in the air, very rarely did he lose an aerial battle. Then when you gave him the ball at his feet, he was twisting and turning like a “Trequartista”. Obviously thinks he is a much better footballer than he is. Lucky not to be caught out, he never once took the easy option, full of little Cruyff turns and drag backs. Still young, but lots to learn.

David Alcibiade

French: Right Back – 19 years-old

Played a solid game at right back, I’m sure I had heard he was a centre-back but he looked mobile enough down the right. Linked up well Ait-Bouhou down the flank. However as he is not a natural full back there was no desire to get to the touchline and try and whip in a cross. Would like to see him in the centre.

Lucas Digne

French: Left Back – 17 years-old

During the game Digne probably impressed me the most, never got caught out at any point, Villemomble never got in-behind him, Positioning was good, timed his tackles well and his decent attempt at a free-kick showed he has some power in his left boot. To find out he is only 17 as well impresses me more, he looked the most calm and in control player in the back line. High hopes for Digne.

Henri Ewane

Cameroonian: Central Midfield – 25 years-old

When you first see Ewane he does stand out. Strong in the tackle, good on the ball, didn’t give it away and was able to pick a pass. For his size he is a tough competitor. Then you realise he is 25 and you wonder why has he not broke into the first team or at least play for a Ligue 2 side. If he was 19 you would be excited about his future, at 25 you’ve got to think he doesn’t have one.

Pierre Baherle

French: Central Midfield – 19 years old

I must say I saw a little bit of quality in this kid, would certainly like to see him again. At first glance he looks slight and maybe a little light-weight but he got stuck in and fought for every ball, then when in possession he was able to control the play and pick out his teammates. Worth keeping an eye on. Better then Ewane and six years younger.

Anice Badri

French: Left Midfield – 20 years-old

Didn’t really do much in the match to be honest, a couple of poor crosses from the left, and a very weak shot on goal. Never beat his man and never really looked like threatening.

Mustapha Ait-Bouhou

French: Right Midfield – 21 years-old

Showed some good use of pace in places, but twice when he got in a good position down the right his final ball was atrocious. Quite direct but seemed to lack any tricks to beat his man and tried to rely on his pace alone. Was taken off in the second half.

Omar Wade

French: Centre Forward – 20 years-old

In the three games of football we watched while in Lille, Omar was the biggest disappointment of any player I watched. The only Lille II player I had been aware of before the weekend I was expecting to be impressed and he literally did nothing for 90 minutes. His movement looked decent at the start and then he got a knock, never looked interested again. Should have been taken off as his mood dropped and he basically moped around the pitch. Needs to not let his head go down.

Steevy Negouai

French: Forward – 19 years-old

Showed glimpses of someone who could become a very decent forward. My eyes at first were drawn to Omar Wade but over the course of the game Negouai became the focal point of the attack. Some good movement off the ball, liked to come deeper and get involved. Moved out the right when Baseya came on and he went quiet. A tall elegant looking player, good with his feet and a turn of pace.


Cedric Baseya

French: Centre Forward – 23 years-old

As soon as he entered the pitch you could see the mammoth size of the big forward, and he set about muscling the Villemomble centre backs around. Then he went for his first header and got beat for the ball, now at 6 foot 4 and built like a tank, this shouldn’t happen. In 20 minutes I think he won one header. Movement was poor, I felt sorry for Negouai, moved out to the win to accommodate the big striker. With Baseya and Wade upfront there was never going to be a goal.

Rachid Chihab

French: Manager
Looked a mixture of Terry Horlock, Michael Bolton and Wolf from Gladiators. A very animated character, never sat down for more than 2 minutes at a time. Always shouting and encouraging the players. Looks the sort of manager that would be a great personality in Ligue 1 or Ligue 2