Apologies for the tardy post a mixture of personal life and the amount of football going on has slowed down my ability to sit down and document a fabulous couple of days I spent at the end of April.

There was some kind of knees up in London a couple of TV cameras were there and a few newspapers wrote about it. Anyone who is anyone was not taking their place at Westminster Abbey, no they were meeting at Henry Boons in Wakefield, the occasion: Wakefield FC’s last game at their College Grove stadium against Curzon Ashton.

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Hey everyone.

The latest gibfootballshow podcast is up, featuring Chris Mayer of 6pointer, Gav Stone of Les Rosbifs and Charlie Anderson of The Carvalho Peninsula and In Bed With Maradona fame.

This week we round up the European Championship Qualifying groups after the latest match ups and then we dicuss questions from listeners and Liverpool’s future.

Please have a listen and let me know what you think.