A new season is upon us and that means an endless amount of largely uncompetitive pre-season friendlies. Not today. A Yorkshire derby at Hillsborough you say, press box you say. Yes please! Leeds United making the short journey south to take on Sheffield Wednesday in what was billed as a pre-season “friendly”. High hopes that niceties would be thrown out the window on the M1.

To bring everyone up to speed, gibfootballshow towers moved location two weeks ago and is now based in Sheffield. A number of reasons for the move but the main thing is GFS has a new base camp and there could be more stories emanating from South Yorkshire this season.

Sheffield has two big teams who are going through a bad patch, with both teams in League One it could be a great season for a neutral to enjoy some football. However telling Mrs GFS, a life-long Blade (Sheffield United fan), that I would be going to Hillsborough did raise an eyebrow.

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