This time last year my site didn’t really exist apart from between my friends and I. 12 months on I would say it’s a little more successful. The podcast is going well and myself and the team have some big plans for next season and I hope that it can grow and grow.

You may have noticed that most of my time now is spent watching Ligue 1. I try to watch four games each weekend so that’s me having a look at nearly half the league every week. To me that is enough to have a good idea what I’m talking about – this leads onto podcast #2 French Football Weekly. Really enjoy doing that it’s my chance to do the talking and airing my opinions as sometimes on GFS I don’t get the chance.

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Thought I’d do a little bit of cross promotion on here.

For the last ten/twelve weeks now myself and Chris Oakley have been recording our own podcast focusing soley on French Football and the French national team.

If you fancy a listen, even if you’re a fan of Ligue 1 or not. There are always some great young talents coming through in France that are worth finding out about. Please check out the show.

Click the link -

I would love to hear your thoughts, all feedback is welcome.


Hey everyone.

Why not pop over to our sister site – French Football Weekly and download Episode 3 of the new podcast.

Really enjoying recording the show so far, with Chris Oakley in the driving seat it’s nice to be the one answering the questions, especially on a topic such as French football that I love.

Also check out Jimmy Briand’s overhead kick from Friday night, a wonderful goal and in my opinion better than Wayne Rooneys’.

Oh and before I go make sure if you enjoy the French chat to follow @FrenchftWeekly on twitter.

Au revoir