Another new writer makes his debut for gibfootballshow – Saurabh Ananth or better known as @TheHoffside looks at the teams that just didn’t cut it this season in the Bundesliga.

2010/11 brought out one of the best Bundesliga seasons ever, with a lot of stories throughout the season. Dortmund winning the league while stamping their brand of football on the league was one, Hannover and Mainz’ brave and eventually successful battle for European football was another big one. We could go down to the lower end of the table with Eintracht Frankfurt’s relegation after being 7th in December or Gladbach’s miracle comeback after being firm favourites for relegation. While all those were very interesting, the underachievement of perennial contenders Werder Bremen, Stuttgart and Schalke were surprising and it’s what this will focus on. And as they prepared for their seasons in the summer of 2010 none of these teams thought they would be where they were.

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