The main discussion topics this week are the FIFA controversy that has filled the media this week. Everyone has their say on Sepp and the boys.

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Well at looks like someone, being of sound body and mind has decided to nominated the gibfootballshow podcast for an award.

The good people at run an awards ceremony for football bloggers, one of the categories is for Best Podcast, and somehow I have managed to squeeze my way in amongst some of the best podcasts around. The Guardian’s Football Weekly, The Football Ramble (Hoooooo!!!), Back Page Football, and, all of them worthy winners, I am extremly happy just to be included with such respected pod’s.

And of course well done to everyone else who was nominated for an award, so many well deserved nominations, loads of good people missed out to, so honoured to be involved.

I have to thank the rest of my team – Chris, Charlie, Brent, Ethan, Gav newly acquired Brazilian correspondent Jack and of course everyone that’s bothered to listen and ReTweet the link on twitter. I feel a certain pressure now to up the game and maintain a standard, when really it’s four guys sat on skype complaining about football.

I will do my best to make it down to the awards ceremony, being in that there London it’s a bit of a trek, but I’d love to rub shoulders with the awesome bloggers that will be there. On the night there is a “People’s Choice” award, which we could technically win, but we would need your help.



If you can’t think of anyone else more deserving of the award, please feel free to use our pod as your voting choice. We would really appreciate it, and thank you for your support.