Calling all writer and bloggers…gibfootballshow NEEDS YOU!!!

Here at GFS we are looking to expand our knowledge base for the new season. It would be fantastic to have a variety of writers/bloggers agree to write for the site about their league/country of interest.

Over the past since months it has been a pleasure to feature the work of some excellent writers from around the world. From Poland to Argentina to the Youth tournaments in Italy – gibfootballshow has had it covered.

So for next season we would like to bring the site in line with the goals of the podcast. Bringing the stories from the regions that the British mainstream press pretty much ignore, and spreading the information around the world.

So if you would like to write for gibfootballshow then please let us know. We are looking for people who concentrate on Spain, Holland, Germany, Scandanavia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, North and South America….basically anywhere.

We are not looking for weekly reviews of the league action. Take a look at something the readers will find interesting and if it’s one/two pieces a months…great.

If you are interested please send an email with your section of interest to editor (at) gibfootballshow dot co dot uk

Look forward to hearing from you.


Editor of gibfootballshow



The 3rd of March 2009 it was a simpler time, it was a happier time. Around 2pm on what could have been any other Tuesday I began my own football blog. “Gib Football Anorak” was born. There was no agenda for the site just a place to slap down my thoughts on the game we all love.

The first post had quite a few decent points, regardless of how bad the actual writing was. In one post I questioned whether Arsene Wenger should step upstairs from the dugout. Wondered why Aaron Lennon isn’t constantly practicing his crossing, and how good a keeper Ben Foster is while playing for Man United.

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