Instead of clogging peoples timeline it will be much easier to do my #FF’s in a document so here’s what we will do I will try and put them into little sections to make it user friendly and of course link straight to their twitter accounts.

First things first if you follow me @gibfootballshow you need to follow my French alternate ego @FrenchFtWeekly – we have a weekly podcast and tweet all the latest news and gossip from Ligue 1, Ligue 2 and everything else Les Bleus.


New people I follow that I think you should too.

@TheHoffside – Another GFS debutant, writing about the wondeful Bundesliga
@Jamiekborthwick – follow at your peril….I find it fun
@LauraLaLilloise – my favourite new blog, an American girl living in Lille


The first people I need to recommend are my fantastic team you need to follow them all.

@GFT_Brent – the editor and chief behind @GlobalFoot2Day a great website that has had a swanky new face lift recently make sure to check it out and follow both accounts.

@chrismayerv1 – Apart from being a Man U fan Chris is also a huge fan of Belgian football, also catch his new site @TheBelgWaffle

@lucianosays – Charlie is one of the funniest and most interesting people on twitter, tweets are always gold. He also brings a wealth of knowledge about Scandanavian football to the table. Also follow @NordicStones

@LesRosbifs – Gav’s site is one of the most original on the net, his dedication to finding and breaking the latest news and stories is commendable. The hours spent on his research to finding English players abroad doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

@SurrealFootball – Well Ethan (@Ethan_D_R) no longer soley controls this twitter feed but the increase in staff has meant his site has become huge. Churning out hit piece after hit piece you need to check them out.

@thefootyblognet – You need to check out Scott’s site, he is constantly coming out with his take on all the burning issues not just presenting the facts but he’ll give you his spin on events which makes it more interesting than most.

@the72football – David’s website is dedicated to following all 72 clubs in the Football League. An arduous task but with his network of writers and contacts Dave makes it look easy.


@footballpubcast@simonhead and the boys record the show on a Monday in a pub on their lunch, what else do you need to know!

@bundesbag & @bundesligaworld – I wish these boys would create one twitter account for the wonderful “Bundesliga Show” Terry and Jon do a fantastic job bringing us some excellent Bundesliga chat.

@portugoaldotnet – The best English language Portuguese podcast out there – Ben, Tom and Andy are a joy to listen to as they discuss everything about the Portuguese league and Portuguese players playing around Europe.

@SoundOfFootball@chrisoakley @tduffelenftbl and @grahamsibley get together for a 30 minute chat about a hot topic in the world of football and it never disappoints always top notch.

@redwhitebluepod@SMS_Adrian @iainmacintosh and @angryspraggy combine for a wonderful quick fire podcast. The X-aggerated factor, What’s got Spraggy goat, Macca’s tweet treat and of course the world famous “shootout” – 30 mins of pod gold.

@HEGS_com @ArgentinaFW @MundoAlbicelest @DanEdwardsGoal – Join Sam, Australian Dan, Seba and English Dan for the wonderful HAND OF POD – again should have it’s own twitter! Great podcast focusing on the Argentine league and the national team…also features Zombie the dog.

@serieaweekly – Kevin is joined by Mr Calcio himself @Adz77 for a weekly round-up of events in Serie A – loads of top guests make this a must listen podcast.

@espanafutbol – Great podcast from the people at don’t miss it.

@BornOffsideBlog – Join Steve, Lee and Jewel for an hour of football tomfoolery always a good laugh.

@bpfootball – Great podcast with top man @NeilSherwin, they talk about all the football stories and sometimes get people like myself on to talk rubbish.

@gafootbl@twofootedtackle stopped but Gary brought it back to life with a different spin on football podcasts well worth a listen.

CONTRIBUTERS TO THE SITE (writing and pod)

@EliotRothwell – great insight into Eastern Europe
@FootballCharlie – Huddersfield Town fan
@MattKenny89 – Liverpool fan and soon to be J-League expert
@polishscout – Master of everything Polish
@thehandofblog – Great writer, reports from Paris


Here is a list of my favourite people on twitter that might not fall into a certain category.

@andybrassell – Authority in all things European football
@britskibelasi – British fan of ADO Den Haag and of course Slovakian football
@DannyLast – If Danny hasn’t been there it’s obviously not worth going
@HuddoHudson – Expert of fan owned clubs and travelling to grounds
@adwinn – Betting expert and North West correspondent
@Banouby – Marketing genius behind twitter and Farsley AFC fan
@ghostgoal – Superb writer and blogger from both online and print
@Hartch – Co-Editor of IBWM – Lover of Italia 90 but hates horses
@karlsentk – Opinionated scout has his finger on the pulse
@NarrowTheAngle – Great site, top bloke keeps twitter interesting
@SwissRamble – Kieran brings his immense financial knowledge to some excellent articles
@TimHi – Top notch tactical analysis, excellent tweets


@101greatgoals – Great football highlights.
@FootballNation – All your football shirt needs.
@gregtheoharis – Making Sundays special.
@inbedwimaradona – Football stories from the darker corners of the world.
@JustFootball – Great articles from all over.
@magicspongers – Random football articles.
@MarrsioFootball – Brings us top notch articles and analysis.
@mirkobolesan – Things you didn’t think you needed to know.
@Picklivefootie – The revolution of live football betting.
@the1steleven – First XI’s and Alternate Premier League tables.
@theballisround – Read from the bible of Stuart Fuller.
@themakelelerole – New site, it’s gonna be big.
@TheOvalLog – Looking at the lesser mentioned football leagues.
@Twisted_Blood – Loving the through gritted teeth series.
@twoht – Great writing from the Non-League and various other places.
@twounfortunates – Great articles from the Football League.
@waatpies – The lighter side of football, great site.
@wfcolumns – A fantastic site for opinions around the world.
@WhoScored – All the football stats you need in one great place.
@fw_oracle – New idea from @adwinn a place where bloggers can tap each other up for information
@GirlOnATerrace – Rochdale fan, hoping her old manager doesn’t steal her players.
@EuropaLegion – The revolution is coming, jump aboard!
@makivic08 – Hopefully will be writing something for GFS soon.
@TheBelgWaffle – Home of everything Belgian, except the Poirot theme tune.
@paraguayralph – With the Copa America upon us follow for Paraguayian goodness
@soccermusings – Alicia will soon make her GFS debut writing about Mexican football
@carma_not_karma – Make sure to catch Carma’s first article on GFS on German Homophobia in football
@MidfieldDiamond – Another brand new writer to the site Stefan Kelly is 14 and writes about Brazilian football
@bangitoff – Big fan of French football and a nice guy to boot
@NordicStones – From the brain of Charlie Anderson comes your one stop shop for Nordic football
@J_746 – A fellow Glasweigan with a love of Ligue 1 and French football


For lovers of French Football you need to follow these people



For lovers of German Football you need to follow these people



For lovers of Italian Football you need to follow these people



For lovers of Dutch Football you need to follow these people



For lovers of Scottish Football you need to follow these people



For lovers of Spanish Football you need to follow these people



For lovers of South American Football you need to follow these people



The crème de la crème of the journalist and tv world

@AndrewOrsatti – ESPN anchor
@DanBrennan99 – Top translator and writer
@jamesappell – Russian football expert
@janineself – One of the greatest journalists around
@JanuszESPN – Top man off ESPN Press Pass and great commentary
@jonawils – tactical genius
@RaeComm – ESPN and the world’s best commentator
@timcaple – The voice of European football


@BelgoFoot (Belgium) – @cahiers_dusport (Portugal) – @ColinUdoh@garyalsmith(Africa) – @HungarianFootbal (Hungary)- @rbaicu (Romania) – @SFUnion (Eastern Europe)


If it’s not in Yorkshire it’s nothing!!!



@2ndYellow@7500_Kirsten@ANothingResult@DKDickson@dobsonjp@DolphinHotel@DominicPollard@fiveinmidfield@footyramblings@JamieCutteridge@jbm64@johnverrall@julietjacques@legsidelizzy@mikegrady87@MrAcconci@NatashaSHenry@NeilPark1@NeilSherwin@OnagawaSapo@SianyMacalarny- @YoungGunsBlog@ladyarse@OutsideMid


@Adz77 – Mr Calcio, podcasting god, top top man.
@elhaydo –Although he is a bit hyper it’s a pleasure to share a pint with him
@kopite_slee – Brother-in-law and suffering Liverpool fan
@liammckinnon – Newcastle fan from Cheltenham…no idea either
@markjt1978 – Leeds (Liverpool fan) and betting guru
@MC_Lemon – Why do I seem to be-friend lots of Liverpool fans
@mjemec_ – Arsenalista and Slovenian expert!
@SipsyJP – Arsenal and Southend fan….suffering!
@thenoman – Blackpool fan and guardian of the rule books

Last but not least my long suffering wife @Laura_Gibney without her understanding I’d be a lonely lonely man.


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